Proudly made in the UK

Lessiter’s has crafted chocolates, truffles, bars and hollow figures for some of the finest retailers and chocolate brands in the UK. We are a family-run business and have been innovating and crafting since 1970 – more than 45 years. If you enjoy good chocolate you are likely to have eaten one of our creations, but under another brand name.

We began as a basement kitchen in Finchley Road, London and as we grew, we later moved to a much larger manufacturing site in Hertfordshire.

Our customers

We serve a diverse range of customers, from well known high end chocolate brands, retail stores, bakeries & patisseries, hotels, restaurants and cruise liners.

We collaborate with brands to come up with recipes and packaging to suit their needs and requirements.

Our chocolate products

We offer a wide variety of wholesale chocolates for sale in our online shop. These are sold in large sizes at excellent value for money specifically for food catering, in particular, restaurants, bakeries and cafes, and hotels as well as specialist food caters. We are the chocolate maker to other chocolate makers!
Chocolates and truffles
• Chocolate bars
• Foiled milk chocolate hearts
• Flakey Sticks
• Seasonal Christmas and Easter hollow figures

For gift items and individual boxes please visit our shop website: The Secret Truffletier